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KeepITSafe - National Cyber Security Awareness Month


YOU ARE THE TARGET: Many people mistakenly believe cyber criminals would never target them, that their computer or information has no value. In reality, individuals like yourself are the primary target. You and your computer are attacked every day. The first step to protecting yourself is realizing you are under constant attack. Having the resources at our fingertips that the Internet provides will continue to have a huge impact in how we live our lives. To safeguard our identities, our information, our data, it is important that we adopt good cyber security habits.

Please come back to this site for new information about cyber security throughout the month of October!

Week #1 - Social Engineering, Phishing Scams, and Browsing Security
Social Engineering - Cyber criminals have learned that the easiest way to get information is to simply ask for it. Social engineering is not a technical attack, it is a psychological attack which exploits your vulnerabilities. To read more information about Social Engineering please visit the following links.

Phishing Scams - Email has become one of the fastest and simplest ways to communicate around the world. As a result, it has also become one of the primary methods cyber criminals will use to attack you on the Internet. To read more information about Phishing Scams please visit the following links.