How to Reserve Equipment at the TSC

The Technology Solutions Center (TSC) offers students, faculty, and staff the availability to rent an assortment of devices for a short period of time.


Available items include:

  • Laptops (Mac and PC) for a 3 hr. period (Do not need to be reserved)
  • Still and Video Cameras
  • Projectors
  • And more...

To reserve items, you could either make a request in the TSC or do so online.


Here is a step by step guide on how to reserve equipment online.  I will be using a Samsung HD camera as an example

Step 1) Go to the Campus Technology Service page.

Step 2) Click on CTS Equipment Reservation System.

Step 3) You may be prompted to login. Enter your username and password.

Step 4) On this screen, you will be able to choose the category of equipment you would like to reserve. For example, I chose Video Cameras and Accessories.

Step 5) Once you select video cameras, you will see this screen.  Click on the camera that you want.

Step 6) Once you select the camera you want to fill in the dates that you want to pick up and return the camera like shown in red. When the dates are selected click Add to Cart.


Step 7) Now you will see an accessory screen. If the equipment that your reserved allows accessories, you will choose them in this screen. You will also click Add to Cart. If you are done with the reservation, you will click Finalize Reservation.

 Step 8) Once your add your accessories you will see this screen. Click Submit Reservation and your reservation will be ready for the assigned time.  You will get an e-mail when your reservation is approved.



 If you have any questions, please call the Technology Solutions Center x3619 or visit us at BAC C107.