Connecting to JC-SECURE with Windows 7


1.) First open the control panel Click "Start" and then "Control Panel"

Opening Control Panel

2.) Select "Network and Internet" 


Control Panel

3.) Select "Network and Sharing Center"

Network Choices

4.)  Select "Set up a new connection or network"

Network Settings

5.)  Select "Manually connect to a network"

6.) Press "Next"

Connection Option

7.) Type in or select the information shown for:

->Network name

->Security type

->Encryption type

8.) Make sure the box saying "Connect automatically" is selected

9.) Click "Next"


Network Information

10.) Make sure "Microsoft: Protected EAP (PEAP)" is selected for the authentication method.

11.) Check the "Remember my credentials" box

12.) Select "Settings Button"


Security Properties

13.) Make sure the "Validate server certificate" is NOT checked

14.) Click "Configure"


PEAP Properties

15.) Make sure the box is NOT checked

16.) Click "OK"

MSCHAPv2 Properties

17.) Enter your Username and Password

18.) Click "OK"


You are now connected to the wireless on your Windows 7 computer.  If boxes were checked in steps 8 & 11 , the connection will be automatic every time JC-SECURE is in range.