It is recommended that you use Firefox to access Firepass.  Internet Explorer will also work, but you must use compatibility mode.

Step 1.)  Navigate to  The Firepass web application will search for the client installation on your computer.

Step 2.) Firepass must install a client on your machine for Antivirus checking .  Click "OK" on the pop up screens until you reach the log on screen.  Enter your Juniata Username and Password.

Step 3.) If you have successfully logged into FIrepass, a screen similar to the one shown below will be displayed.  If you encounter trouble logging onto Firepass and have tried your username and password three times, Please contact the TLT Help Desk at x3619.

Step 4.) Once you have logged in you should see JuniataVPN - Just like on Campus access! Click on this link to VPN in. A new window will pop up.

Step 5.)  When you see the window below, please wait until selecting further options for approximately 10 seconds.

Step 6.) Once you see the message on the image below click on "Auto Installation".

Step 7.) Click on "Trust" to install the FIrepass client on your computer and follow the installation process.

Step 8.) Once you have successfully completed the installation process, quit out of Firefox or Safari, reopen it, and go to and log in. After logging in choose Juniata VPN- Just like on campus access! To initiate the VPN connection. Once connected please make sure you do not close the window. Closing the window will disconnect you from the Juniata network.