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Peace is Everybody's Business cover

Peace is Everybody's Business

Half a Century of Peace Education with Elizabeth Evans Baker
Author: Marta Daniels '70

This book spans 50 years in the lives of Elizabeth Evans Baker and her husband, John Calhoun Baker. It covers the history of peace studies in the U.S., it describes the peace programs at four educational institutions, it explores the peace movement of the late 20th century, and it delves into the relationship between art, nature, beauty, peace, and the meaning of life. It is a story about imagination, caring, courage, determination, leadership, and personal integrity. Elizabeth and John Baker left us a peace legacy of distinguished public works marked by grace, creativity and great individualism that quickens our own sense of obligation and urgency to join with them in shaping a peaceful, new world.

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Juniata College: Uncommon Vision, Uncommon Loyalty cover

Juniata College: Uncommon Vision, Uncommon Loyalty

The History of an Independent College in Pennsylvania Founded by the Brethren 1875-2001
Author: Earl C. Kaylor, Jr. '46

Juniata College was founded in 1876 by members of the Church of the Brethren, then a small ethnocentric religious group of German Anabaptist-Pietist pedigree. This book, richly anecdotal and illustrated, tells of Juniata's humble origins in the face of stubborn resistance based on the bias that education corrupted biblical faith. Located in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, the college stands as the first permanent institution of higher learning with Brethren origins (seven in all today).

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This book vividly enlivens all areas of campus life. . . . Above all, it emphasizes the school's mission to put humanistic and spiritual values into the core of its curriculum. The history chronicles why Juniata College, at the second millennium, has for years been ranked among the nation's premier small liberal arts colleges.

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The Morans cover

The Morans: Edward, Leon, Thomas, Mary, Peter

The Artistry of a Nineteenth Century Family of Painter-Etchers Author: Nancy Siegel, Curator, Juniata College Museum of Art 2001

Rarely in the history of American art does one find a family of artists as extensive as the Morans. . . .Of all the Moran family members, Thomas Moran is the most renowned, famous for his expansive panoramas of the American West from the 1870s to the turn of the century. However, with his wife, Mary Nimmo Moran, the two shared a pronounced interest in painting the terrain of New Jersey and East Hampton, Long Island and became prolific watercolorists and etchers of eastern views. . . .While contemporary scholarship regards Thomas Moran as the foremost painter in the family, many of the Morans were accomplished artists and held positions of great importance in the late nineteenth century.

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Juniata Women Celebrate cover

Juniata Women Celebrate

An Anniversary Album Editors: Judith N. Katz, Juniata Associate Professor of English, Abby J. Suchting '01 2001

This anniversary album, a collection of photographs and stories, was created in association with the Celebration of Juniata Women, held on the Juniata campus in April 2001. The keepsake album was given as a gift to each attendee. It is not available for sale but should be available online in the near future.

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