PUBLIC SAFETY ANNOUNCEMENT: Science Olympiad on Friday, May 2nd

Juniata College will host the State Science Olympiad on Friday, May 2nd.  As you are probably aware there will be increased activity on campus that day.

  • There will be restricted parking areas, starting Thursday, May 1st and a traffic pattern change for the inner roadway of campus on  Friday morning, May 2nd.

The following areas will be under parking restrictions starting Thursday, May 1st : parking from 19th St. to 17th St. on Scott Street   and the first two parking spaces on 17 Street , up the street from the entrance to the football field ( brick gate entrance). Parking in these areas will be prohibited from 10:00PM Thursday, May 1st , until Friday, May 2nd  at 7:00PM.

Beginning at 6:00AM until 9:00AM on Friday, May 2nd , the traffic pattern for the inner roadway will be as follows; all campus traffic and buses will enter off of Moore St. at 19th St. and proceed down 19th St. Scott St. will be one way from 19th St.(gym parking lot) to 17th St.(football field. 17th St. will be one way up the hill to Moore St. The traffic will NOT be permitted to enter campus at 17th St. or Oneida St. at 17th during the hours mentioned. Oneida St. at Oneida and Stone Church drive will be closed to all traffic.

All buses and vans will be directed by Public Safety to proceed to the Kennedy Sports and Recreation Complex on Scott Street via 19th Street where all students will unload. The drivers will then be instructed to exit campus via 17th St. and then directed to their parking area at 15th and Penn St. The bus and van route to their parking area will be 17th St. to Penn St. , down Penn to 15th and Penn. Pick up of students after the closing ceremony will be the same as the morning route , but the inner roadway will be two way traffic at that time. Public Safety Officers will be directing traffic in the loading areas.

Public Safety Officers and cones/barricades will be in place to alert and divert motorists.

We ask that all motorist exercise extreme caution on all roads in and around the Juniata campus due to the large group of students and visitors that will be on campus.

Thank you, in advance for your cooperation and understanding.


Posted by Carla Panosetti. Please contact the original poster for comments or clarifications on this announcement.