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Funding Follows Students: Make Educational Grants More Accessible

In the hubbub over Gov. Tom Corbett's statement about cuts in higher education in his budget address, there was one point that was lost: we need to find a new model for funding higher education and that model needs to be one in which the dollars follow the student. I couldn't agree more. (read more)

Value Added: College ‘Life’ is the Operative Word in an Education

When I think back on my days at college, I rarely, if ever, look at the nice diploma I was given at Westminster College. Instead, I reflect mostly on the lessons learned outside the classroom. (read more)

Private Perception vs. Public Reality: Evening the Playing Field

Do you want to save some money on your child’s college education? Go to a private college.(read more)

Halo Out There: Utilizing Your Campus Aura

The other day I saw a bright yellow Chevrolet Camaro, you know, the latest American baby boomer classic car reissue, and my mind flashed not to the Olds 442 with Cragar wheels and a Hurst shifter I coveted in college but to the similarities between selling the Camaro and marketing higher education. (read more)

Movin’ On Up: U.S. News’ Rankings Wrangle Rankle

A sort of “inside baseball” mediastorm about manipulating the annual college and university rankings published by U.S. News and World Report has caused a collective gasp of shock as Clemson University admitted to taking steps to improve its status in this celebrated academic “beauty contest.” (read more)

Catch This Wave and You Will Sit on Top of the World

Those who have recently spent $4 or more per gallon to fill up their gas tank have received an instant lesson on supply and demand. Employers across the country are about to receive a similar lesson, though the scarce commodity is not fossil fuels. (read more)

The Ratings Game: Searching for a New Model

The U.S. secretary of education, Margaret Spellings, recently declared her intention to get into the college-ranking game - sending a chill up the spines of college and university presidents everywhere. (read more)

A Call to Show Numbers: Coming Clean on College Costs

A few weeks ago Juniata College released a new policy, that guarantees our students the ability to graduate in four years, or the fifth year is on us.

Major Idiocy: Ninth Grade is Too Early to Decide Your Life

Sports Victories at Colleges Resonate Long After the Crowd Goes Home

Under the Knife: Getting Serious about Health Insurance Costs

Colleges Drop the Ball in Aid to Poor Students

Private Sector: Some Private Colleges Say, 'Pay for Future Costs Now at Tuition Rates from the Past'

Private Colleges Can Conquer 'Perfect Storm,' Starting by Keeping Tuition Costs Manageable

Putting Pennsylvania Towns Back in Business

Division III Sports: That's Entertainment

Passenger Rail Service and the Future of Huntingdon