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Spanish Education

Department: World Languages and Cultures

NOTE: If you plan to prepare for a teaching career in Spanish, you must have a POE in the content field (Spanish) and meet the following course requirements for a K-12 certificate.

Spanish Requirements
Course Number Title Credits Prerequisites Dist. Skills
SP 230 Spanish Conversation & Composition 3 SP 210 HI CW,CS
SP 235 Intensive Spanish Grammar 3 SP 210 HI CW
SP 245/345 Spanish Phonetics/Phonology 3 SP 210 HI CW,CS
SP 250 or SP 255 Introduction to Hispanic Literature Contemporary Hispanic Short Fiction 3
SP 210
SP 210
Other Requirements

*By way of example only, courses taken on such topics as U.S. trade with Mexico, translation, business Spanish, social violence in Latin America, and Hispanic art and architecture would be considered acceptable electives provided that they were offered at the 300/400 level.

Total required credit hours in Spanish = 33

Required Education Courses
Course Number Title Credits Prerequisites Dist. Skills
ED 110 Foundations of Education 3 corequisite ED 111 S
ED 111* Foundations of Education Field Experience 1 corequisite ED 110 S
ED 130 Adolescent Development 3 S
ED 201 Educational Technology 3 ED 110 & ED 111 and ED 120 & ED 121 or ED 130 S
ED 240 Introduction to Students with Exceptionalities 3 ED 120, ED 121or ED 130 S
ED 341* Adaptations for Students with Exceptionalities 4 ED 110, ED 111 & ED 240 S CW
ED 398 *** Methods for Foreign Language Ed 4 S CW
ED 450** Student Teaching 14 ED 420, senior standing & permission, corequisite ED 451 S
ED 451** Student Teaching Seminar 1 corequisite ED 450 S

Total credit hours = 36 (23 upper level)

*There are field experiences in these courses. Students should take only one of these courses per semester. Allow a two-hour block of time for scheduled field experience twice a week.

**ED 450 & 451 (Student Teaching and Seminar) may be taken only in the SPRING semester of the senior year. ED 450 requires students’ full-time participation and no other courses may be taken during this semester. Students must have reliable transportation.

***ED 398, allow for a four-hour block of time for scheduled field experience once a week.

NOTE: It is imperative that students work closely with their advisors to meet all current certification requirements. All students are required to take six credits of English composition (or equivalent) and literature (or the equivalent) and two college level mathematics courses (or the equivalent) prior to being admitted to a certification program. See Section I of the Education Department Student Handbook for explanation of all certification requirements.

Additional Certification Requirements
Dual Certification

Ambitious and capable students may wish to seek certification in more than one area, for example in Elementary Education and Spanish, or in two languages. In those cases, students meet all the curricular requirements of both programs. In addition, students must complete student teaching in both areas of certification. See the Education Department Student Handbook for more information on dual certification.

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