Next week @ the TSC... (3/10-3/14)

3/10/14 2:00-3:00 Windows Outlook Windows Outlook Tips and Tricks
3/11/14 2:00-3:00 What is a Computer Network? Ever wonder how a network operates? What technology makes it run? Come to this basic session to learn more about computer networking. No technical knowledge or skills required.
3/12/14 1:00-2:00 Photoshop - Photo Editing Do you have a favorite vacation photo that has power lines your would like to remove? Do you have a photo of your grandchildren that is to dark to see? This session will show participants how to enhance their personal photos.
3/14/14 10:00-11:00 Do I really need to pay for cable TV? Hulu Plus, Netflix, Apple TV, Amazon Prime - there are so many different ways to stream TV from the internet. Learn more about these services to determine if you REALLY need cable TV at home.

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