Final Academic Year Student Timecards

Academic Year (Apr 28th - May 15th time worked) Deadlines:

May 15th - Time worked in Previous Pay Period (Apr 28th to May 5th) and Current Pay Period (May 6th to 15th) - Students not working over the summer, should approve both time cards by May 15th. This is because you and your supervisor may loss access to your time card after this date, due to employment ending for the academic year.

May 17th - If not approved previously, this is now your final deadline to approve your previous pay period (pay period ending May 11th). If you no longer have access to your/your student'stimecard you may e-mail the Payroll Office your approval.

REMINDER:All stipends and academic year timecards should be processed in the final academic year payroll paid on June 7th payroll. If you have outstanding hours/pay for a previous pay period, please e-mail your supervisor and to assurethat your hours are processed in this final payroll.

You may also e-mail the if you have additional questions or need assistance.

posted on 05/13/2013 by bowserm

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